Self Care For Introverts – How Introverts Can Recharge

Self Care For Introverts – How Introverts Can Recharge

Below is an extensive list of tips on how introverts can recharge – written by an actual introvert.

While we appreciate being around people we love, introverts prefer not to spend a lot of time interacting with other people. We generally find “small talk” to be tedious and prefer instead to have deep, meaningful conversations. But we live in an extrovert world, and introverts are sometimes expected to get out of our comfort zones. This can cause stress and anxiety, which is why we need a little recharge.

It is important to realize that self care for introverts is an individual thing. For example, taking a long time to get ready (tip number 25) may be an ideal form of self care for me, but it may feel like a spectacular waste of time for you. Therefore, take what resonates with you and use it to recharge your introverted soul.

How introverts can recharge

1. Schedule daily alone time

This is not something to do if you have time. This is a “make time” kind of thing. It doesn’t have to be long either – take whatever time you can get. Having alone time every day gives you time to recharge.

2. Turn off the noise

Noise can be a tremendous source of overstimulation. Sometimes it can be helpful to simply turn things off or separate yourself from the source of the noise. If the quiet is too loud, put on some ambiance sounds like ocean, rain, wind, fireplace sounds, or listen to spa music. (You can find them on YouTube).

3. Turn off your phone

Being connected all the time to text chains and social media can be draining. Give yourself a break and turn off your phone or place it in another room.

4. Treat yourself to a solo date night

You don’t even need to leave your home. You could light some candles, take a long, relaxing bath or shower, throw on some comfy clothes, cook a delicious meal or order in, pour your favorite beverage, then relax with popcorn or dessert and your movie/show of choice. 

5. Stop fretting about things you can’t control

We spend way too much time worrying about things that we can do nothing about. If it’s out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind, too.

If it's out of my hands it deserves freedom from my mind too

6. Journal

Journaling is the process of regularly recording your thoughts, memories, feelings, and more on paper. It is a powerful tool to help you connect with your innermost thoughts. Journaling is especially helpful for introverts, who may find writing easier than speaking.

There are different types of journaling. For example, morning pages (aka stream of consciousness journaling) are an effective tool that helps you get in touch with your true self. So too is reflective journaling. You may also consider gratitude journaling–regular practice can help improve your happiness, well-being, and physical health. 

7. Create a solo morning routine

If you are able to, wake up before anyone else. Drink a cup of coffee or tea, journal, practice gratitude, and do some yoga – basically, do things that make you feel centered. Just having some time by yourself in the morning can set you up for a great day. Start this practice and notice how much more aligned you start to feel the rest of the day.

8. Create a solo nighttime routine

Ending your day alone allows you quite time to reflect, center yourself, and work through things that you may have been unable to resolve. Try to put it to rest and sleep in peace. Remember the 5×5 rule: If it will not matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it. 

5x5 rule Self Care For Introverts – How Introverts Can Recharge

9. Stop comparing yourself to extroverts

We are all different, and we all have our place in the world. It is okay to need space from people. It’s okay to want to be alone. 

10. Spend time in nature

Take a few minutes out of your day to take a walk around the block. Better yet, take a walk in the woods, or a park. Getting into nature can instantly energize you.

11. Read a book

By reading a book, you are taking yourself out of your current world and immersing yourself in a new, different (and safe) world. This can be very energizing because sometimes the real world can become too much.

12. Have clear boundaries

Learn how to say no and don’t feel guilty about it. Your life is not about making others happy at your expense – you come first in your life. 

My boundaries are important and they deserve to be honored

13. Write an angry letter

If you find yourself angry, anxious, frustrated or experiencing any negative feelings, vent! Get it out of your system, otherwise, it sits and festers. You can write it in your journal, or write a “hot letter” – so named by Abraham Lincoln. When he was angry, he would pile all that anger into a letter, and he’d put it aside until his emotions cooled down. The letters were never sent, but it allowed him a safe space to vent. 

14. Go shopping by yourself

Shopping by yourself obviously gives you alone time, which is heaven for an introvert. This could be shopping for a specific reason, like grocery shopping, but preferably, it’s shopping (or window shopping) to decompress. Sure, shops have many sources of stimulation, but you don’t have to engage with them. Simply choose to relax and look at the pretty things while you stroll through your favorite store. 

15. Light a fragrant candle

Delightful scents can help you relax. Light a fragrant candle, diffuse some of your favorite essential oils or melt some of those delightfully scented wax melts.

16. Clean your home

Tidying your environment can be a form of self-care.

Our environments can either energize or drain us. If your environment is messy or cluttered, it can create stress and visual over stimulation. When your environment is clean and tidy, it allows your brain to relax and calm down.

17. Indulge on your favorite tv shows

If you are in a relationship or you’re living with your family, you’ll often watch what they want to watch. When you feel you need to recharge, be a little selfish (for a change) and watch your favorite shows. One episode may be enough to recharge you. 

18. Spend time with someone who makes you happy

Is there someone in your life who supports you unconditionally, who you can freely speak to, and who you actually enjoy talking to? Call that person, or pay that person a visit.

19. Relax and breathe

Deep breathing exercises can be a very helpful way to settle you and bring your thoughts from the outer world into your inner world. 

Focussing on your breathing can lower stress hormones in your body, stimulate the lymphatic system, lower your blood pressure, and recharge you.

20. Listen to your favorite music

Listening to music can be healing, whether or not you need to recharge. It is absolutely amazing how your favorite music can change your mood almost instantaneously. If your family or partner doesn’t love your music as much as you do, pop in your earphones and listen in bliss and peace.

21. Create a recharging zone

Everyone’s recharging zone will be different. Figure out the place you like best in your home, or the things you like to do best. Is it reading, cooking, taking a bath, or watching tv? Whatever it is, designate that area as your recharging station. This is where you go when you need to unwind.

Take the time to make it pretty. Make it fit for a queen – You! 

22. Cook or bake

Food does not only sustain us but preparing it can also be a form of self care – particularly if you enjoy cooking or baking. 

23. Avoid stressful situations

If you are looking for ways how introverts can recharge, obviously you will want to avoid stress. However, this merits a mention on this list of self care ideas because we tend to forget. For example, you agree to watch a thriller or a horror movie with your partner because it would make him/her happy, knowing it would stress you out. Or you agree on a play date, knowing that hosting playdates generally stress you out.

24. Get an indoor plant

Having indoor plants can increase your health and happiness. According to scientific studies, they: 

  • produce oxygen;
  • reduce toxins in the air;
  • improve your mood;
  • increase productivity by up to 15%;
  • reduce stress.

If you’ve had indoor plants before and managed to kill it, don’t fret. There are plenty of plants that are hardy and easy to take care of.

25. Take a long time getting ready

Taking an hour (or longer) to get ready is not something you can do often, but it is a great way to recharge your soul. This is about self-pampering, so take a long shower, shave your legs, put a mask on your hair and face, do your nails, and do whatever self-care makes you happy. 

Self pampering can be very satisfying and should be done as often as you can. 

Keep taking time for yourself until you're you again

26. Declutter and organize your environment

Clutter causes stress, so avoid this by organizing your environment in a manner that serves you. 

27. Do something creative

When it comes to self care for introverts, this is an easy one! Take some time to get in touch with your inner artistic child–it can be a great way to feel more energized. You can draw, doodle, color, sing, play an instrument, or do whatever speaks to your soul. 

28. Take a break from social media

The constant bombardment of perfectly filtered photos of other people can get exhausting. Forget that and focus instead of doing your own thing.

29. Look through your old photos

Take a blissful scroll down memory lane. Looking at old photos can be very relaxing and reflective.

30. Take a long drive

Introverts enjoy being home, but every now and again, it can be pleasant to go for a long drive. Put on your favorite tunes, a podcast, an audio book, of just enjoy the company of your own thoughts. Take a drive somewhere with beautiful scenery and low traffic. 

31. Schedule your days/weeks

Scheduling your time may feel like an extra chore, but it is well worth the effort. By scheduling your time for the day, week or month, you are relieving yourself of unnecessary stress later. This is because you are planning ahead of time how you will use your time. It can be incredibly stressful to go through your days, knowing that you have a lot to do, but not really knowing what the best use of your time is. You can avoid this by taking a few minutes on a Sunday to plan the coming week, or the night before to plan the coming day. 

32. Take a short nap or rest

If you are able to, take 20-30 minutes to lie down in a dark, quiet place. This can do wonders in helping you recharge. Even if you can’t fall asleep, you can just lay down quietly and allow yourself to rest and recharge. 

33. Drink something warm and comforting

Make your favorite warm drink, then sit down for a few minutes and enjoy sipping on it. Savor every sip, and really relax into it. 

34. Actively find ways to make your life easier

This is another obvious one if you are looking for ways on how introverts can recharge, but it is important and worth a mention.

Our lives tend to be chaotic with too much happening at the same time. What we can do to counter this is to find tricks and hacks on how we can make our lives easier. For example, set reminders to pay your bills, make the vet appointment, or anything else you are worried about forgetting. And don’t stop at reminders! Reorganize your life in a way that eases your stress levels. I found this mom hacks post very helpful.

On a side note–a few weeks ago, my husband gave me an orchid. I am really good with houseplants, but despite this, I’ve managed to kill every orchid I’ve ever had. I learned how to take care of it. It needs to be watered weekly, so I have a weekly reminder set on my phone, along with instructions. I am pleased to report, the orchid is still alive.

35. Exercise

Exercise increases endorphins (your happy hormones) and it reduces stress. Depending on the exercise you choose, it can also offer you some alone time.

Do any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up or encourages deep breathing.

Self care for introverts is not hard

It is just a matter of taking the time to take care of yourself. Think of it as self love. The more you take care of yourself, the more you have to offer others, and the happier you will be.

self care is giving the world the best of you
Self Care For Introverts – How Introverts Can Recharge Maya Angelou quotes



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