14 Easy and fun gratitude jar ideas

easy gratitude jar ideas

Gratitude jars can be life-transforming! If you get into the habit of using them, you train yourself to consciously focus on gratitude, instead of lack. If you are brand new to the practice of gratitude, here are some fun and easy gratitude jar ideas. 

Easy to follow gratitude jar ideas

Gratitude jar ideas can suit every personality or occasion. Here are a few simple ideas of what you can add to your gratitude jar.

A general gratitude jar

  1. Surprise gifts;
  2. Something that makes you happy every day;
  3. Something great someone did for you or someone else;
  4. The beauty of nature and/pets;
  5. Accomplished goals;
  6. LOL Moments;
  7. Memories worth saving;
  8. Doodle or draw things you are grateful for;
  9. Quotes and words of encouragement;
  10. Beautiful song lyrics.

Beautiful examples of gratitude journal entries to inspire you.

A specific gratitude jar

11. You could also change things up a bit, and have a gratitude jar of only beautiful memories, or only LOL moments.

Gratitude questions and prompts

12. Another option could be to have prompts next to your gratitude jar. For example, prompts could include “what was the best part of your day,” “what makes you laugh,” “did you help someone today, or did someone help you,” etc. Click here for a free printable of many more gratitude questions and conversation starters.

Gratitude jar printables

13. If having a physical gratitude jar is a problem for you, you can also use these free printable gratitude jar worksheets. They’re almost as great – you simply write or doodle everything you are grateful for on the page. 

A full gratitude jar

14. Create an already full gratitude jar for a partner or someone special in your life. Gratitude jars usually start out empty, and over time, you fill them up. However, you could give someone you love a full gratitude jar.

With this gratitude jar idea, you will need to create 365 /  a year’s worth of gratitude notes for your special person. You could break it down into color-coded categories like:

  • Reasons why you love him/her;
  • Love quotes;
  • Memories and special moments you shared;
  • Song lyrics that remind you of your partner;
  • Quotes or words of encouragement.

On any given day, your partner can pick the message he/she is in the mood for, thanks to the color-coded notes.

gratitude jar ideas for partner



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