Gratitude journal examples to inspire you

gratitude journal examples

Being mindful of the good things in our lives can noticeably improve our overall well-being. However, if you have never had a gratitude journal before, you may be unsure of how to get going. Here you will find several gratitude journal examples to get you going. 

But why keep a gratitude journal? Because the chemicals dopamine and serotonin are released in our brains when we express gratitude. This improves our moods and makes us happier in the moment. If this is a habit we persist in, our lives will be happier.

Also, spending a few minutes each day or week writing in a gratitude journal has been shown to improve the way your mind and body work. For example, keeping a gratitude journal may improve your immunity and general well-being, as well as your ability to sleep soundly and feel happier. Gratitude journals can also aid in the organization of your thoughts, resulting in improved clarity and organization.

Here are a few gratitude journal examples to get you started.

Gratitude journal examples to inspire you

  • Use these gratitude journal examples to encourage the start of your own gratitude journal. 
  • I went for a run this morning and there was a delightful breeze that kept me cool.
  • Out of the blue, I got a text from Margaux today. It made my day!
  • Mom called today to check in on me. We had a long, leisurely chat about nothing. I felt really happy and relaxed afterwards.
  • Today I washed and folded the laundry—all on the same day! Yeah me!
  • I love the feeling of freshly washed sheets.
  • I painted my nails today. It made me feel so good to go out with beautiful nails. 
  • Today I learned how to actually pick a watermelon. I implemented what I learned and it worked! From now on, only good watermelons!
  • I ate the sweetest watermelon today. It was so good, I licked my fingers.
  • I love the view out of my bedroom window. It’s so peaceful and tranquil.
  • I thought it would take me hours to finish my project today. It only took 2!
  • Jenny helped me clean the house today, so it went much faster than I planned.
  • Laundry was easy today! There were mostly towels.
  • I watched my favorite tv show while folding laundry today. I was so happy that there were lots of small items to fold because this gave me more time in front of the tv.
  • The strawberries I had for lunch today was perfect – sweet yet firm.
  • The book that I’ve had on hold at the library was finally available today!
  • John surprised me by getting groceries on his way home, so I didn’t need to go!
  • I found 5 great, easy but healthy crock pot dinner recipes that actually look good.
  • Gracy did this cute thing today. I feel so grateful to be her mom.
  • Jude got sand in his eyes today. He cried so much. When I told him it was going to be fine and that I could fix it, he immediately calmed down. I am really grateful that my child trusts me.