The 12 Laws of the universe and how it impacts your life

12 laws of the universe

There are 12 laws of the universe, (the law of attraction being the most prominent one.) However, these twelve fundamental laws governs the universe as a whole. Understanding the 12 laws shows us how to master our lives on all levels and it gives us insights into what we can do to reach our goals. What they do is show us how we got here, how to trust, and what it takes to get us to where we want to go.

In order to achieve our goals, we must understand and master the 12 laws of the universe, how they affect our lives and how we can apply them to positively impact our lives. 

Here is a breakdown of each of the 12 universal laws, along with how to use their strengths:

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The law of devine oneness

Because it’s the foundation of all other universal laws, the universal law of divine oneness is known as the “MVP.” Through creation, we are all connected. Every atom in our bodies is connected to the rest of the universe.

This means that our actions have a ripple effect that affects those around us, not just ourselves. They matter and they make a difference.

The law of vibration

There is a frequency and a vibration to everything in the universe. Nothing stands still.  Everything is either being pushed away or pulled toward something at any given time. Other items with similar vibrations are drawn toward one another as well. If you want to use the law of vibration to manifest your desires, you must match your vibration to what you desire.

The law of correspondence

The law of correspondence dictates that what we are experiencing inside is reflected outside. For example, if you feel anger inside, it will be reflected outside.

Our lives are made up of the patterns we subconsciously repeat every day. These patterns either serve us or hold us back. We can consciously take steps to start breaking them.

The law of attraction

The law of attraction is basically the law of vibration in action. It serves as a mirror that reflects our own self-worth and mindset. In the present and future, you are surrounded by the results of your past decisions, but you have the ability to make new decisions and attract new circumstances.

If you change your outlook and mindset, you can shifts your vibration to attract things and people that are on the same frequency.

The law of inspired action

It’s important to note that while the law of attraction is all about vibrationally aligning yourself with what you desire, inspired action is all about taking action to bring your desires to life. Inspired action means to take action / physical steps to move closer to your goal. This is especially important — even (and perhaps even) if you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to do so.

The law of perpetual transmutation of energy

This law is the foundation for how “thoughts become things.” 

Everything is made up of energy, and energy is continually moving. It is constantly striving to become physical rather than remaining ethereal. When we have a thought or an emotion, we are manifesting energy within our body.

The constant transmutation of energy states that as we create these feelings, they must become something in our physical environment. It is required by the law. It is therefore important to remember that whatever ideas and sensations we have, we’re manifesting and attracting.

For example, a feeling and an idea of abundance are always attempting to materialize. It’s attempting to transform into something we can feel, use, and experience. So too, love and thankfulness thoughts will always result in more respect and admiration in the practical world.

The law of energy transmutation is magnificent. It is a gift to all of us who exist in this universe.

The law of cause and effect

According to the universal law of cause and effect, for every effect, there is a definite cause, and for every cause, there is a definite effect.

Any action has an equal and opposite reaction. What you put in—good or bad—is what you get out. This is also known as the law of karma.

It is also important to understand that your actions and decisions not only affect you, but also those around you. Your thoughts, behaviors, and actions produce specific outcomes that manifest and shape your life as you know it. If you are dissatisfied with the effects you have produced, you must change the causes that produced them.

The law of cause and effect – what it means and how it impacts your life. 

The law of compensation

The law of compensation states that you will get back what you put out in the world. As long as we’re open to receiving compensation in any of the many ways that the universe can provide, we can have faith that our work will be rewarded.

However, compensation isn’t limited to monetary or other forms of remuneration. There are many ways to receive compensation for all of your good deeds, such as donating time and money to charitable causes or spreading happiness, joy, and kindness around you.

The law of relativity

The law of relativity asserts that nothing and no one is inherently good or bad.  All situations and challenges can be approached from a variety of viewpoints, and everything is a spectrum of expression. To put it another way, we’re in charge of assigning meaning to things, so we can choose to see things as bad or good.

The law of polarity

The law of polarity dictates that everything in the universe has an opposite. If there is an up, there must be a down. If there is light, there is also darkness, love and hate, hot and cold, good and evil, etc. 

It is a natural part of the human experience to experience these polarities—they help us learn from our mistakes and assist us in defining our desires.

The law of rhythm

The law of rhythm dictates that life has a rhythm.  There are waves in it.

There is a low for every high. There is a high for every low. There is a  cycle of ups and downs.  Recognizing that there is a rhythm to the universe allows you to weather the storm. You can ride that wave, get smashed, and then return knowing there will once again be a high wave. Pain does not last forever. Your predicament is not permanent.

The reverse is also true, meaning—good does not last forever.

The law of gender

The law of gender dictates that everything in the world has a masculine and feminine side. Everything is both male and female.

The most common way to look at this is through the lens of yin and yang. The feminine energy is yin, and the masculine energy is yang. They are both intertwined, forming a whole being. However,  notice that within the feminine is a small dot of masculine, and within the masculine is a small dot of feminine, indicating that the opposite is present on both sides.

The law of gender is significant and pervades everything, and each gender has its own characteristics. For example, the right and left brain. One side boasts logic (masculine), while the other boasts creativity (feminine). The soul and the ego function in the same way—the ego is dominant and forceful (masculine), while the soul is present and calm (feminine).

Feminine energy is generous, receptive, passive, and inward flowing. It is our compassionate and empathetic side. Feminine energy is electrical in nature. 

Masculine energy is action-oriented and outward-flowing. It is the strength of one’s will, determination, and conscious mind. It’s the magnetic side of the coin.