Understanding the law of correspondence

law of correspondence

The law of correspondence is one of the less popular laws in the universe. It is, nonetheless, very important because understanding it can change your life positively. In fact, when we are not in line with the universal laws, resistance builds and our lives become difficult at many levels. However, understanding the universal laws offers insight. We learn how to prevent resistance, master our reality and what we can do to reach our goals.

The law of correspondence is not about communicating with one another. Rather, it’s about communicating with ourselves. It addresses the unique relationship between our inner and outer selves. The law of correspondence clearly dictates that our outer worlds are a reflection of our inner worlds. If you look at it another way – there is correspondence between what is going on inside us, and what is going on around us.

The outer world is nothing but a mirror of what is going on inside us.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

A real-life example would be – if you are feeling anger, loathing, and hatred inside. Your outer reality may reflect that by you being rude and disrespectful towards people. In return, people will treat you the same. 

If you look at it another way—you cannot expect love and affection, if that is not what is inside you. The thoughts and feelings we have in our conscious minds appear subconsciously in our external world. Your subconscious takes everything you are thinking and feeling on the inside and recreates that world on the outside.

In one of his books, Wayne Dyer explains it perfectly. He says – if you squeeze an orange, orange juice will come out because that is what’s inside. So the question begs—if you are squeezed, what will come out?

the law of correspondence

Of course, we try to change the outside world, but no long-term change will occur unless we change the inside world as well. Our reality will continue to manifest and reflect our inner worlds.

That is why certain lessons in our lives are repeated. They continue to repeat until we finally grasp the concept. For example, if we are unhappy with ourselves and our lives, it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle—the worse the outer world becomes, the worse we feel about ourselves, and the worse the direct influence on our reality. Our external reality becomes chaotic because it is simply projecting what is inside.

The law of correspondence is trying to teach us that we are not merely physical beings, but also, (and more importantly), spiritual beings. If we want to change our physical reality, we need to truly understand that. Once we do, we realize that every step we take in our physical (outer) lives reflects our spiritual (inner) beings.

How to use the law of correspondence

Understand that you are a mirror image

as within so without

When you have a negative experience, recognize that there is disharmony in your inner world, which your outer world is reflecting back to you. Your mirror image is reflecting your damaged self.

You are being shown the changes that must be made, as well as the areas of your subconscious that must be healed.

Use opposing forces

Once you’ve identified the lower frequencies in your environment, you can transform them by using opposing energy.

When you are confronted with something negative, the quickest way to dissipate that energy is to behave in the opposite way. For example: 

  • When you are being hurt, love someone.
  • When you are being discouraged, encourage someone.
  • When you feel afraid, reassure someone.
  • When you are being criticized, praise someone.


By doing this, you are healing the wounded part of yourself. You react from your soul’s point of view instead of your physical self. By thinking positive thoughts and feeding yourself with the energy your soul needs, an opportunity to heal is created. 

Change from within, first

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To live in peace and serenity is to live in accordance with the Law of Correspondence.

To have a peaceful life, imagine yourself floating on a raft down a lazy river. You are completely relaxed and you know you are safe. Each moment seamlessly transitions into the next. You have no doubts and there is no second-guessing—you trust the flow of life.

Now imagine yourself encountering rough seas where you are being tossed around. This is usually a sign that your rocky outer world needs some fine-tuning by your inner world. 

The only lasting change that can occur is from within, and it will manifest on the outside. Genuine change can only occur when you change from within. Many people believe that changing the outside will result in a new, happier life, but this is not permanent. Permanent change comes only from inner change. It’s like Einstein said:

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

It is becoming increasingly important for each of us to take responsibility for our own personal evolution and growth in order for the world to be Heaven on Earth. But, until then, the fundamental challenge is to be honest with ourselves and recognize our own ability to effect change on the inside and out.