The Law of perpetual transmutation of energy

law of perpetual transmutation of energy

What is the law of perpetual transmutation of energy?

The law of perpetual transmutation of energy is the foundation for how “thoughts become things.”

According to the law of energy, everything is made up of energy, and energy is in constant motion. Energy is constantly striving to become physical instead of remaining ethereal. In short, the law of energy means that when we have a thought or an emotion, we are manifesting energy within our body.

As we produce these feelings, they must become something in our physical world, according to the ongoing transmutation of energy. It must, it’s the law. Whatever thoughts and feelings we have are constantly manifesting and attracting.

As an example, if you are experiencing a feeling of abundance, the law of perpetual transmutation of energy will attempt to materialize. It’s trying to transform into something you can feel and experience. The same applies to other things. Thoughts of love and thankfulness will always result in more respect and admiration in the practical world.

The law of energy transmutation is superb if it is used intelligently. It is a gift to all who exist in this universe.

How to use the law of energy

Energy, whether positive or negative, is always attempting to manifest in physical ways.  

Because the universe creates the circumstances that we are focusing on, we must be consistent with our thoughts and intentions. When we waver and have inconsistent thoughts, the universe is unable to form solid matter from erratic energy.

If your goal is to use the law of energy to your benefit, be aware that the energy you send out into the universe is magnified and reflected in epic proportions.

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The law of energy in action

If you want abundance but feel unworthy, your subconscious mind receives mixed signals. You will eventually self-destruct because you always act on and attract what you subconsciously believe. Instead, you must understand and believe that you are deserving of abundance and that it is on its way to you. This generates consistent energy that the universe can use to create real-world objects and experiences. 

Another example could be you want to invest in a business but are terrified of doing so? Thanks to the law of energy, you will face challenges that may force you to abandon the investment entirely. However, things could fall into place if you approach the idea with positive energy and feed it with high vibrations. In this state of mind, it is simple to allow energy to flow and transform from one form to another. In this state, you adopt non-resistance and become a vessel for the endless transmutation of energy.

How to transmute negative energy into positive energy

It is entirely possible to take negative energy and express it positively.

For example, if you are grieving, you could express yourself artistically by creating a heartfelt painting, song, or poem. Or if you’re angry, you could channel that energy into exercise, which will promote positivity and health in your body.

If you do not provide a channel for the energy to manifest, it will find its own way, which may not be the most positive path for you.