81 Simple but powerful love affirmations to create the relationship you deserve

love affirmations

If you are experiencing a few challenges in your love life, saying a few love affirmations can be very helpful, or even life-transforming.

What are affirmations and how do they work?

Affirmations are brief, uncomplicated, positive statements that you say to yourself on a daily basis. The purpose of repeating affirmations is to bring you closer to the reality you seek—in this case, a fulfilling relationship.

But love affirmations (or any affirmations) are meaningless unless they are repeated regularly. Think of affirmations as brainwashing yourself—in a positive way, of course! The true power of affirmations comes from saying them several times a day. At first, you will not believe what you are saying to yourself. It may feel inauthentic and unnatural. It may feel ridiculous to say them, and you may even feel like you are lying to yourself. However, if you persist, you slowly shift your perspective and your reality. This happens as you start to embrace your affirmations as truth.

It is also important to note that love affirmations need to be said in the present tense, not the future tense. In other words, you need to say it as if it has already happened, or it is happening now. If you say affirmations as a future tense, you will always be in a state of wanting, instead of already having. 

Here are 81 love affirmations for a healthy, loving relationship. Choose a handful that speak to you and begin saying them to yourself daily.

Manifestation affirmations for love

  1. I am love.

  2. I am worthy of love.

  3. I release my destructive past and am ready to find love.

  4. I can be the partner he/she deserves.

  5. I am at peace because I know that love comes to me naturally.

  6. I am ready for intimacy.

  7. I radiate unconditional love.

  8. I confidently accept love into my life.

  9. I wholeheartedly accept love into my life.

  10. My partner and I have a great relationship.

  11. I am sexy, attractive, and desirable.

  12. I am grateful to have my partner.

  13. Love is my birthright.

  14. I spread love, and it returns to me.

  15. I am worthy of being cherished and adored

  16. I deserve to be loved and treasured.

  17. I date confidently because I am divinely protected.

  18. Love is my priority.

  19. I am full of positive, loving energy.

  20. I am grateful for the love and affection I receive.

  21. I deserve beautiful, endless love and affection.

  22. I welcome love into my life.

  23. I am a great catch.

  24. My partner loves me deeply.

  25. I am passionately loved.

  26. I lovingly nurture my relationship.

  27. Every day, I am building strong, authentic connections.

  28. I am fulfilled.

  29. My heart is full of love and I’m bursting at the seams.

  30. Love comes to me easily and effortlessly.

  31. My partner loves me as I am.

  32. Love comes into my life when the time is right.

  33. I magnetically attract my soulmate.

  34. I attract my perfect partner by radiating my inner light.

  35. The more I love myself, the more love I have to offer.

  36. I make time for those I love.

  37. My soulmate loves me and accepts me.

  38. My love is precious and cannot be wasted on those who don’t deserve it.

  39. Our love grows stronger every day.

  40. I am ready and willing to commit.

  41. I feel loved.

  42. I am passionately in love.

  43. I am grateful for my partner.

  44. I am a loving, loyal partner.

  45. I attract mature, loving people into my life.

  46. It is easy for me to love.

  47. It is easy to love me because I’m so loveable.

  48. I am enough as I am. 

  49. I love meeting new people.

  50. I deserve real and authentic love.

  51. My relationship is worth the effort.

  52. I am worth the effort.

  53. The love I seek also seeks me.

  54. I experience a fairytale romance.

  55. I am aligned with the highest vibration of love.

  56. It’s easy for me to communicate my needs.

  57. My partner is loving and supportive. 

  58. My partner loves and respects me.

  59. I love my partner infinitely and unconditionally.

  60. Love freely flows to me and through me.

  61. I respect myself, therefore others respect me.

  62. I develop connections naturally.

  63. I open my heart to receiving the love I deserve.

  64. I am capable of being in a healthy relationship.

  65. I know what I want.

  66. The universe is guiding me to love.

  67. I believe in love.

  68. I deserve love.

  69. I am open to love in all forms.

  70. I am surrounded by love.

  71. My partner loves and appreciates me for who I am.

  72. I am confident in my relationship.

  73. I am open and ready to find true love.

  74. My partner is lucky to have me.

  75. I am a patient lover.

  76. Dating is a joyful experience for me.

  77. I am in a committed, loving relationship.

  78. The more love I am willing to give, the more I receive.

  79. I am meant to have a lifelong love.

  80. I am unique, interesting, and intelligent.

  81. I am lovable.

  82. I am attracting my soulmate.