92 Healing affirmations to restore your health

Health and healing affirmations

If you are having challenges with your health or you are not healing as fast as you’d like, regularly saying a few health and healing affirmations can be very helpful.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are short, simple, positive words that you regularly say to yourself. The goal of saying affirmations is that, with consistent use, they get you closer to the reality you desire.

However, health and healing affirmations (or any affirmations) are useless if you do not say them consistently. The true magic of affirmations is to say them daily, several times a day. 

If you are new to affirmations, you may find that saying them feels unnatural and inauthentic. You may feel ridiculous. You may even feel like you are lying to yourself. However, if you persist (despite the initial doubts), your health and healing affirmations can work for you because, over time, you start believing the affirmations. With consistent and persistent use, health and healing affirmations start to change your perspective and your reality as you accept the affirmations as true. 

Below are 92 health and healing affirmations. Choose a few that resonate with you and start saying them to yourself daily.

Affirmations for health and healing

  1. I focus on my positive progress.

  2. I trust that my body tells me what it needs.

  3. Every cell in my body is divinely healthy.

  4. My body is healthy and strong.

  5. Healthy, vibrant energy naturally flows through my body.

  6. I naturally exist in a state of well-being.

  7. I welcome positive, healthy energy into my life.

  8. Every day is a new opportunity to enjoy renewed energy and well-being.

  9. I choose to let my natural, healthy energy shine through.

  10. I am a magnet for healthy energy.

  11. I listen to my body’s intuition.

  12. I challenge my body because I know it is strong.

  13. Feeling good and healthy comes naturally to me. 

  14. I am perfectly healthy and vibrant.

  15. My body radiates perfect health.

  16. I have a powerful immune system.

  17. No illness or disease can enter my body without my permission.

  18. I am grateful for my healthy body.

  19. My body gets stronger every day.

  20. I eat healthy foods that nourish my body.

  21. Healthy and positive energy vibrates through my body.

  22. I am the perfect example of good health and vitality.

  23. I am healthy and full of energy.

  24. I am grateful to have this body.

  25. I love the powerful, beautiful, divine-human staring back at me in the mirror.

  26. Illness does not define me.

  27. I make choices that make me feel energized.

  28. I love noticing how healthy habits improve my life.

  29. I am happy to be alive!

  30. I focus my energy on what feels good in my mind and body.

  31. I regularly make time to take care of my body.

  32. I feel healthier every day.

  33. I release the need to punish myself.

  34. I am radiant and beautiful.

  35. I surround myself with those who support my wellness and healing.

  36. I am committed to being my healthiest self.

  37. I am proud of my unique body.

  38. I am strong in my mind, my body, and my spirit.

  39. I love and appreciate my body for all it does for me every day.

  40. Investing in my health and well-being is one of the best investments I can make.

  41. Every day I’m taking baby steps towards living my healthiest life.

  42. I make good choices for my health.

  43. I wake up every day feeling energized and refreshed.

  44. As I exercise, I feel my body getting stronger.

  45. I am healthy, well, and vibrant.

  46. I know my body can do powerful things.

  47. I am worthy of having a strong, healthy body.

  48. I love and care for the parts of my body that need it the most.

  49. I am not afraid to try new things to improve my health.

  50. My body is perfect, just as it is.

  51. My body is filled with energy.

  52. I happily accept help and support while I’m on my wellness journey.

  53. My body, my mind, and my spirit feel stronger each day.

  54. I am worthy of health and well-being.

  55. I am grateful to have good health.

  56. Healthy eating is easy for me.

  57. I love and respect my body.

  58. I fill my mind and body with positive thoughts.

  59. I am thankful for my body and all that it is capable of.

  60. My health is a gift.

  61. I speak to my body with love, care, and compassion.

  62. My body knows how to heal itself.

  63. My mind and body are always striving for perfect health.

  64. My body is strong and powerful.

  65. I inhale self-love. I exhale everything that does not serve my highest good.

  66. I prioritize my physical and mental health.

  67. I move my body with joy, vitality, and gratitude.

  68. I model good health for my family.

  69. I do not compare my body with others. They are on their own path.

  70. I am healthy, happy, and whole.

  71. I alone decide what my healthy body should look like.

  72. I make healthy choices.

  73. I completely release shame and guilt about my body. They do not serve me.

  74. I already have what I need to live a healthy life.

  75. My body grows stronger every day.

  76. Illness is temporary.

  77. Good health is important to me.

  78. I enjoy eating foods that make me healthy.

  79. I release negative thoughts and stress about my body.

  80. I celebrate small wins.

  81. I eat healthy foods that nourish my body.

  82. The foods I eat help me feel radiant and energized.

  83. Every cell in my beautiful body is perfect.

  84. I release doubts, insecurity, and negative self-talk.

  85. I listen to my body’s intuition.

  86. I challenge my body because I know it is strong.

  87. I focus on my positive progress.

  88. I trust that my body tells me what it needs.

  89. I am happy, healthy, and strong.

  90. I am in charge of my health.

  91. I prioritize rest and recovery.

  92. I advocate for my health.

health and healing affirmations
health and healing affirmations