What does it mean to know you are enough

You are enough

“I am enough” and “You are enough” have become popular buzzwords over the last few years. This is because we live in a society where there is continual pressure to be more! Be prettier, be smarter, be leaner, work harder… In other words, be a different version of yourself.

There have been a lot of pushbacks against these societal demands, and with good reason! Constantly being bombarded with social media, tv, and magazine messages that you are not enough can be damaging to your self-esteem. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, many of us are suffering from serious depression or anxiety disorders. It is therefore vital that we flip the switch, and finally start realizing that despite what they say, we are enough!

But what does being enough actually mean? Below is a simple but thorough outline of some common misconceptions, plus what it truly means to know you are enough. 

What being enough does not mean

  • “You are enough” does not imply that you have been measured, considered, and judged as “enough;”

  • It does not mean that you have worked long enough and hard enough, and therefore you can be labeled as “enough;”

  • Being enough does not mean you have to accomplish more or spend more money to be who you were born to be;

  • Being enough does not imply you’re a perfect, completed product;

  • It does not mean you are done growing;

  • It does not mean you will never change because you’re already perfect;

  • It does not mean you have stopped learning;

  • It does not imply that you are powerful and faultless;

  • It does not mean that you have everything, or that you are everything; 

  • Being enough does not imply that you must be self-sufficient;

  • “You are enough” does not imply that you never need help; 

  • Knowing that you are enough does not mean that you never make mistakes;

  • Being enough does not mean that you do not want to improve yourself;

  • When you are enough, you are not trying to be someone else. That spot is already taken. 

you are enough

What does it mean to be enough

  • Being enough means that you love being you, faults and all. You show up exactly as you are because there is only one you, and you are irreplaceable!

  • You are not perfect. In fact, you are well aware of your faults, but they do not define you, and they certainly don’t diminish you.

  • You can ask for help when you need it because you understand you cannot do and be everything. No human can.

  • You are always worthy of love and respect. Not because of something you do, but because you exist.

  • You are enough when you don’t have to struggle to be more worthy, legitimate, accepted, or loved. You are already these things, exactly as you are today.

  • It means you love and approve of yourself today, but you are always striving to be the best you can be.

  • When you know you are enough, you know you are but a small but important part of our vast universe. 

  • You are enough means you can grow and evolve. You can follow your own path because you are not striving to prove yourself to anyone. 

  • When you’re enough, you know that there is no coincidence that you’re this person, in this place, and at this moment.

  • When you are enough, there is no incentive to conceal your true nature. You can be who you truly are.

  • You were enough before; you’re enough now; you will always be enough as you grow into the person you were meant to be.

I am enough - Female Manifesto

As women, we all know how important self-worth is… but we forget. We get caught up in life, and we forget ourselves. This is why we need constant reminders of what is important. 

Below is the FREE printable version of the female manifesto. Print it from the comfort of your home, on regular-sized paper. We also offer premium versions for sale – please scroll down to see that. 

I am enough female manifesto

I promise to love myself unconditionally;

I will remind myself that my self-worth is not based on what I look like, what I have, or what I weigh;

I will continually educate myself, as all strong women do;

I will encourage, support, and empower all girls and women;

I will not allow jealousy, gossiping, and judgment to jeopardize my friendships or my life;

I will be kind and respectful to myself and others;

I will treat depression and negativity with creativity;

I will have a sense of humor about everything, including the bad times;

I will work hard on creating my path and attaining my own goals, instead of trying to live up to society’s expectations of who I’m supposed to be;

I will stay positive and open-minded;

And most of all, I will remind myself that I AM ENOUGH!

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