41 Powerful I am Successful Affirmations

I am successful affirmations

“I Am Successful” affirmations work because they are clear, simple, and easy to understand. With repeated use, they influence you to act and think in accordance with the affirmation. 

Psychology Today says that affirmations are used to get your subconscious mind to believe new things about you, the world, and your place in it. They are also used to help us create the life we want, which usually means making (or attracting) money, love, beauty, and happiness.

How to make "I am Successful" affirmations work for you

Success affirmations have nothing to do with your current situation. Rather, these affirmations or mantras are truths that you hope to reach in the future. However, you say it as if it were already true, in the present tense.

Choose one or two I Am Successful affirmations that resonate with you

They should get you moving. Use them to help you stay strong and feel more confident about your future.

I Am statements should be repeated every day.

It’s important to keep doing it. If you want to change the way you think and feel about your future in a way that lasts, you need to use positive affirmations on a regular basis.

It takes time to change your core beliefs about something, and it takes even longer to change your feelings and, eventually, your actions. Widely accepted psychological theory backs this up.

Avoid negative thoughts about your future

There will be negative thoughts about your potential for success. Retaliate against them! When they come, replace them with “I am successful” affirmations that encourage you to look at setbacks as valuable lessons.

Do things that show what you now believe.

Repeating these success affirmations can help you change the way you think about your future, but you also have to act on what you think. You can’t just say you deserve success; you have to actively look for ways to get attain it.

Below are 41 powerful “I am successful” affirmations to empower you.

I am Successful Affirmations

  1. I am worthy of creating the career of my dreams.
  2. I am becoming the successful person I dreamed of being.
  3. I am expecting my wildest dreams to come true.
  4. I am a powerful creator. I create the life I want.
  5. I am my best source of motivation.
  6. I am grateful for new opportunities coming my way.
  7. I am respected in my career.
  8. I am trailblazer.
  9. I am always in the right place at the right time.
  10. I am a success magnet.
  11. I am attracting the right career for my talents.
  12. I am blessed to have what it takes to become successful.
  13. I am always expanding my belief of what’s possible.
  14. I am a magnet for abundance and blessings in all forms.
  15. I am worthy of all the success life has to offer.
  16. I am effortlessly attracting opportunities and sales.
  17. I am influential in my career.
  18. I am stepping into my most successful timeline.
  19. I am capable of achieving greatness.
  20. I am surrounded by positive, supportive people who believe in me.
  21. I am a perpetual generator of abundance.
  22. I am rewarded for taking risks.
  23. I am capable of manifesting my desires.
  24. I am aligned with the energy of abundance.
  25. I am a strong woman, I attract success and happiness.
  26. I am stronger than all the challenges that lie ahead of me.
  27. I am ready for what’s to come.
  28. I am grateful for another productive day.
  29. I am a leader.
  30. I am committed to achieving success in every area of my life.
  31. I am full of vitality.
  32. I am a perpetual generator of positive energy.
  33. I am the architect of my future.
  34. I am open to unexpected opportunities.
  35. I am open-minded and willing to explore new avenues to success.
  36. I am allowing joy to guide my career choices.
  37. I am rewarded for being different.
  38. I am flooded with opportunities.
  39. I am attuned to the abundance of success.
  40. I am blessed beyond measure.
  41. I am succeeding in life.

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