Embracing Fear: The Power of Courage in Pursuit of Something Greater

Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear

Fear is part of life. We all encounter it at various points on our journey. It’s a natural emotion that arises when we face uncertainty or challenging situations. Many of us may think that courage means having no fear at all, but this is not true. As the famous quote by Ambrose Redmoon suggests, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

In this post, let’s explore the profound meaning behind this quote and how understanding it can empower you to embrace fear, confront obstacles, and embark on a path of personal growth and accomplishment.

Courage is not the absence of fear
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The Nature of Fear

Fear is a natural response that has evolved to protect us from potential dangers. It can manifest as apprehension, anxiety, or even dread, and it often serves as a warning signal to be cautious in certain situations. While fear can be a valuable survival mechanism, it can also hold us back from reaching our full potential and pursuing our dreams.

Courage: Embracing Fear with Purpose

Courage is not about suppressing or eliminating fear; instead, it involves recognizing fear’s presence and making a conscious choice to act in spite of it. It is the ability to face uncertainty and adversity head-on, driven by a higher purpose or a deeper desire to achieve something meaningful.

Imagine you have a dream or a goal that excites and scares you at the same time. Courage is what enables you to move forward despite the fear. It’s the realization that the potential rewards or the significance of your aspirations outweigh the discomfort and apprehension you may feel.

Courageous queens understand that growth, progress, and success often lie on the other side of fear. It is through facing our fears that we discover our true capabilities and strengths. When you embrace courage, you open doors to new opportunities and experiences that can transform your life.

The Power of Perspective

To embody courage, it’s essential to shift your perspective on fear. Instead of viewing fear as a roadblock, see it as a compass guiding you toward what truly matters. Ask yourself: What do I care about deeply? What dreams and goals are worth pursuing despite the fear?

In Marie Forleo’s book: Everything is Figureoutable, she talks about how Bruce Springsteen also feels fear and anxiety before he goes on stage. Instead of having fear disable him, he tells himself that the fear is a sign that he is ready. 

Recognize that fear is a natural part of the journey toward personal growth and achievement. It’s an opportunity for self-discovery and self-improvement. By acknowledging fear and acting courageously, you build resilience and become better equipped to face future challenges.

Practicing Courage in Daily Life

Courage is not reserved for grand gestures or extraordinary moments. It can be practiced in everyday life as well. Speaking up for yourself, trying something new, making a difficult decision, or standing up for your beliefs all require courage. Each small act of courage contributes to your personal growth and confidence.


Embracing the wisdom of Ambrose Redmoon‘s “courage is not the absence of fear” quote can be transformative in your life’s journey. Courage is not about erasing fear, but rather understanding that some things are more significant than fear itself. By facing fear with purpose and determination, you set the stage for personal growth, self-discovery, and fulfilling accomplishments. You have the power to transcend fear and become the brave and resilient person you aspire to be. 




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