The Battle Within: Embracing the Tale of Two Wolves

the tale of two wolves

The Tale of Two Wolves is an insightful parable that invites you to explore the inner battle that rages within every person, where two wolves, representing different emotions and traits, vie for dominance. By understanding this profound tale, you’ll gain insights into how your choices and actions shape your life. 

The Tale of Two Wolves

Once upon a time, a wise Cherokee chief sat with his young grandson near the campfire. As the flames danced, the chief began to share a profound lesson about life.

“Within each of us, my dear child,” the chief said, “there is a battle that goes on. It is a battle between two wolves.”

The young boy looked up at his grandfather with curiosity, eager to know more about this mysterious battle.

“One wolf represents anger, envy, greed, arrogance, resentment, and fear,” the chief continued. “It is the wolf of darkness and negativity, seeking to tear you down and bring misery to your life.”

“And the other wolf?” the boy asked.

“The other wolf embodies joy, peace, love, compassion, humility, and kindness,” the chief replied. “It is the wolf of light and positivity, striving to uplift and inspire you.”

The boy pondered for a moment, and then asked a thoughtful question, “Grandfather, which wolf will win the battle?”

The chief’s eyes gleamed with wisdom as he answered, “The wolf that wins, my child, is the one you feed.”

The moral of the story

The Tale of Two Wolves contains a powerful message about the dual nature that exists within each one of us. The two wolves represent the contrasting emotions and traits that can shape our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

You have the power to choose which wolf you feed through your thoughts, intentions, and actions. If you dwell on negative thoughts, harbor resentment, and give in to fear, you nourish the wolf of darkness within you. These negative emotions can lead to unhappiness, stress, and a sense of disconnection from yourself and others.

On the other hand, when you focus on positive thoughts, practice compassion, embrace humility, and share acts of kindness, you nurture the wolf of light within you. These positive emotions can bring joy, peace, and a sense of unity with yourself and the world around you.

From one friend to another

I encourage you to stop and reflect on the wolves within you. Ask yourself which wolf you have been feeding lately. If you find yourself feeding the wolf of darkness, don’t be disheartened—you can change! Take small steps to shift your focus and intention toward the other wolf! By nurturing the wolf of light within you, you’ll foster a more positive and harmonious life, enriching not only your life but also the lives of those around you.

Queen, remember, the power lies within you to feed the wolf that brings forth the best version of yourself. 




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