212 Powerful and uplifting self love affirmations

Affirmations for self love

Self-love is very simple. It’s about loving and appreciating yourself. It’s about respecting yourself and caring about your own well-being and happiness. It’s also about taking care of your own needs, and certainly not sacrificing your happiness for others. When you love yourself, you do not settle for less than what you truly deserve. Self-love comes from developing habits that promote your physical, psychological, and spiritual development. Self love affirmations are often part of developing this sense of deep love for yourself.

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Self love affirmations for self worth and self esteem

  1. I release negative feelings and negative people around me, one by one.

  2. I rest when my body and mind tell me to.

  3. I respect my abilities.

  4. I never quit, despite obstacles.

  5. I accept compliments graciously.

  6. I remove the negative past and negative company.

  7. I handle my fears.

  8. It’s okay to not be okay. I allow myself to feel whatever I need to.

  9. I do not ponder on thoughts that don’t serve me.

  10. I deserve to get what I want.

  11. My strength helps me overcome hardships.

  12. I am comfortable with how I look.

  13. My body is healthy.

  14. My needs matter.

  15. I remain optimistic under difficult circumstances.

  16. I release my feelings of guilt and negativity. They do not serve me.

  17. I release my deepest fears and insecurities—they no longer serve me.

  18. I choose hope and not despair.

  19. I create habits that serve me.

  20. I am kind to myself.

  21. I listen to my body and what it tells me.

  22. I allow myself to heal.

  23. I am gentle with myself, as a best friend would be.

  24. I have the power to change the things that do not serve any purpose in my life.

  25. I accept love, prosperity, and abundance into my life.

  26. I learn from my mistakes.

  27. I am capable of overcoming difficult challenges.

  28. There is no place for misery and suffering in my life.

  29. I do not allow my fear and anxieties to hold me back.

  30. I motivate others to live their best life.

  31. I allow greater love, abundance, and success every day.

self love affirmations
self love affirmations
self love affirmations
self love affirmations
  1. I learn from the lessons life teaches me.

  2. Every day I learn new things, and I take inspired action to accomplish my goals.

  3. Worrying about what others think is a distraction to living courageously.

  4. My mind is at peace.

  5. I consult with my inner self to find the truth.

  6. I am wise and humble.

  7. I make my presence felt wherever I go.

  8. I radiate abundance and love.

  9. I surround myself with positive people.

  10. I let my love for myself grow every day.

  11. I am comfortable with my flaws. Everyone has them.

  12. It’s safe for me to be myself.

  13. I radiate love and happiness.

  14. I celebrate my life.

  15. I am happy and grateful for what I had and what I have.

  16. I love fiercely, myself and others.

  17. I can say NO when what is requested of me does not serve me.

  18. My opinions matter.

  19. I do my best, and that is enough.

  20. My life is abundant and fulfilled.

  21. My beauty lies within.

  22. I am loved because I exist.

  23. I stand up for myself.

  24. My mind is a powerful tool, and I use it to create my amazing future.

  25. I listen to my body’s responses.

  26. I learn from my mistakes and improve every day.

  27. I honor my boundaries.

  28. I treat my body with care and love.

  29. I set boundaries and respect them.

  30. It’s okay to ask for help when I need it.

  31. I am courageous and brave.

self love affirmations
self love affirmations
self love affirmations
self love affirmations
  1. My natural state is peace and love.

  2. My power is on the inside.

  3. I am my own best friend.

  4. Peace of mind is my greatest strength.

  5. I honor my limitations.

  6. I am strong at heart.

  7. My potential is limitless.

  8. Love and kindness flow within me.

  9. I am grateful for this body, this mind, this soul.

  10. Challenges and obstacles do not scare me.

  11. I am confident.

  12. I do not engage in negative self-talk.

  13. My life is full of endless opportunities to show off my talents.

  14. I let myself feel all the feelings, even those that are uncomfortable.

  15. I am a warm, loving, and compassionate person.

  16. I make good decisions.

  17. I don’t need dozens of friends. One or two is enough.

  18. I can overcome any challenge with my efforts and dedication.

  19. I choose to make my world and my life an amazing place to live.

  20. My life is full of incredible experiences that have taught me the biggest lessons.

  21. One bad day does not make me a bad person. It makes me human.

  22. I thrive in hardships.

  23. I follow my own heart, not the expectations of others.

  24. I let go of what I can not change.

  25. I do not worry about things that are out of my control.

  26. I become the best version of myself; under any circumstances.

  27. I can change myself and my circumstances.

  28. Peace and happiness reside within me.

  29. I cultivate an attitude of gratitude for all that has made me who I am.

  30. I love and respect myself.

self love affirmations
self love affirmations
self love affirmations
What is self love
  1. My past may not be great, but every day I strive to make my future an excellent one.

  2. Imperfections are part of the beauty of life.

  3. I open myself to joy, pleasure, and fun.

  4. I nurture my body, mind, and soul.

  5. I honor my drawbacks and inabilities.

  6. My body tells me what it needs, and I listen.

  7. Mistakes are how we learn.

  8. I trust myself.

  9. My outside world is a reflection of my inside world. I nourish both.

  10. I am loved.

  11. I let go of the things that hold me back.

  12. I am confident in my abilities.

  13. I prioritize what makes me happy.

  14. I do not engage in self-doubt, negative self-talk, and blame.

  15. I speak my mind fearlessly.

  16. I am a beautiful soul.

  17. I love my home and my surroundings.

  18. I let go of my negative thoughts.

  19. I let my light shine brightly.

  20. Every day I become the best version of myself.

  21. I have the courage to forgive my mistakes.

  22. I can adapt to changing situations.

  23. I am a joyous and peaceful person.

  24. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

  25. I do not allow others to hurt me.

  26. I feel grateful for the people in my life.

  27. I have a lot to offer the world.

  28. I live my life for myself. Not for what others think.

  29. I was born to love and be loved.

  30. I had a good past, a better present, and will have the best future.

  31. I am passionate, adventurous, and enthusiastic.

  32. I am not responsible for everyone’s happiness.

What is self love
What is self love
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself

Self love affirmations for self development

  1. I am competent and able.
  2. I choose to live a life of abundance and fulfillment.
  3. I create a world of peace and happiness.
  4. I celebrate my accomplishments.
  5. I’m always learning.
  6. Life’s challenges do not deter me.
  7. I take responsibility for my mistakes. I try to rectify it with grace and ease.
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself

Affirmations for self-love and self acceptance

  1. I do not need the approval of others.
  2. I accept both compliments and criticisms.
  3. I am more than enough.
  4. I strive to get better, not perfect.
  5. I am healthy, fit, and beautiful.
  6. I accept all my failures and inadequacies—I learn from them.
  7. I am gentle with myself, especially when I make mistakes.
  8. I love and respect the way I am.
  9. I release my limiting beliefs to step into my inner power.
  10. I accept and love myself as who I am.
  11. My confidence helps me overcome hardships.
  12. I praise myself when I do well.
  13. My worth is not determined by what I do in life.
  14. I am exactly who I need to be.
  15. I don’t care what others think. It’s not about them. It’s about ME!
  16. I am capable of what I put my mind to.
  17. I am flexible.
  18. I am happy with who I am.
  19. My needs matter.
  20. I love the person who I am and the person I am becoming.
  21. I am in love with myself.
  22. I am creative and intelligent.
  23. The only approval I need is my own.
  24. I am not less for making mistakes. I am more because I learn from them.
  25. I am the only me there is.
  26. I am beautiful, unique, and elegant.
  27. I am strong, beautiful, and confident.
  28. I am a worthy person as I heed the voice of my true self.
  29. I do not compare myself with others—I am me!
  30. People treat me with love, respect, and compassion.
  31. I am worthy of love and respect.
  32. I do not expect myself to be perfect.
  33. I respect myself.
  34. I am strong.
  35. I am unique and special.
  36. I can’t be apologetic for every action.
  37. I am perfect just as I am.
  38. I express who I am without hesitation.
  39. I am assertive.
  40. I make time to take care of myself.
  41. I try, even when it’s hard.
  42. I love myself completely. It is not earned; it is given.
  43. I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to.
  44. I love myself through failure. This is part of my journey.
  45. I only say kind things to myself.
  46. I embrace all my imperfections.
  47. My body is healthy.
  48. I am proud of myself.
  49. I am compassionate with myself when I fail.
  50. I treat myself with kindness and respect.
  51. I take pride in my achievements.
  52. I love my body and commit to taking care of my health.
  53. I see the best in myself.
  54. What I say is important.
  55. I strongly believe in myself.
  56. I love myself unconditionally.
  57. I radiate confidence in and out.
  58. My feelings deserve to be expressed. I allow them to flow freely.
  59. I am good enough.
  60. I trust my intuitions—they guide me towards success.
  61. I allow myself to love who I am, not who I think I should be.
  62. All that matters is what I think of myself, not what other people think.
  63. I deserve respect.
  64. My looks, weight, price of my clothes, home, body, etc.] does not determine my worth.
  65. My body is a work of art.
  66. Everybody loves me.
  67. My worth is not determined by how much I make.
  68. I am not a people pleaser—I choose to please myself.
  69. I love and approve of myself.
self love affirmations
self love affirmations
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself

Self love affirmations after being hurt

  1. I am grateful for the lessons life teaches me.
  2. This too shall pass.
  3. I will survive this.
  4. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.
  5. I choose happiness, and I let go of sorrow.
  6. I am stronger because of adversity.
  7. Nothing can hold me back!
  8. I start afresh.
  9. I forgive those who have hurt me.
  10. I do not harbor resentments.
  11. I let go.
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself
affirmations about loving yourself