The benefits of using an Organizing Planner + Free Printables

Benefits of using an organizing planner to stay organized

If you want to live a more organized life, it’s a great idea to have an organizing planner because it can help you stay on track with what is important to you. 

Below are 34 Free Organizing Planner Printables. For easy print or download, every file is available as a PDF doc. Simply click on your preferred printable, then print or download.

The benefits of using a planner

Here are a few simple but important benefits of using a planner for organizing your life;

  1. Planners help you manage your time better;
  2. By using an organizing planner, you are less likely to forget important things;
  3. Planners help you get things done faster because everything that is important is in one place, so no looking around for post-it notes where you may have written things down;
  4. Planners can improve your productivity because you no longer have to wonder about priorities;
  5. When your life is planned, you experience less stress because you know the important things are being taken care of;
  6. An organizing planner helps you focus on the most important activities;
  7. Using a planner offers a sense of accomplishment because you can clearly see what has been checked off your to-do list.
  8. A planner can help you identify your patterns, and therefore help you improve your life and lifestyle.

Habit Tracker

According to a study by the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes, on average, 66 days for a habit to become automatic—but this depends on the habit you are trying to create in your life. If you are trying to create good habits, using a habit tracker is a great idea because it can help you stay on track. 

Cute Printable To do list PDF

Those long to-do lists in our heads can quickly feel overwhelming. However, just writing things down and looking at what you have to deal with, can ease a little bit of that overwhelm. 

Free printable daily planner PDF

Below is a vast collection of free daily planner printables. Some are simple with only your to-dos, some are a little more expansive with priorities, goals, appointments, quote of the day, etc. Pick the one that you feel most matches your lifestyle and personality, but feel free to come back if your initial choice was not right. 

Free printable weekly/monthly planner PDF




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