Everything is always working out for me! Affirmations Inspired by Abraham Hicks

“Everything is always working out for me!” Affirmations. These affirmations are designed to align your energy with the positive flow of the universe, helping you to trust that everything is always working out for your highest good. As you immerse yourself in these affirmations, allow yourself to connect with the energy of success, fulfillment, and abundance. Remember, you are a powerful creator, and your thoughts have the ability to shape your reality. Embrace these affirmations with an open heart and let them guide you towards a life filled with joy, abundance, and endless possibilities.

Affirmations for Trusting Life's Perfect Flow

  1. I am always guided towards the best possible outcomes.
  2. The universe is always conspiring in my favor.
  3. I welcome love into my life.
  4. I am confident in the universe’s unwavering support.
  5. Every day, I look for the good all around me.
  6. I am in tune with the energy of abundance and success.
  7. I am a magnet for positive outcomes and joyful experiences.
  8. The universe has my back.
  9. I am a powerful creator, and my thoughts shape a positive reality.
  10. I allow universal intelligence to flow through me.
  11. Everything I want is flowing to me.
  12. I am grateful for the gift of life and its endless blessings.
  13. I am surfing the waves of positive momentum.
  14. I am worthy of achieving great success.
  15. Every day has the potential to be amazing.
  16. I am in perfect sync with the energy of success and happiness.
  17. This universe is filled with grand potential.
  18. I am a channel for positive energy and wonderful experiences.
  19. I am surrounded by pure positive energy.
  20. I attract solutions and positive results effortlessly.
  21. I am always moving towards a brighter and more prosperous future.
  22. I invite an abundance of all forms into my life.
  23. I am constantly attracting positive and uplifting experiences.
  24. I am encircled by an atmosphere of optimism.
  25. I live in an abundant universe.
  26. I am a beacon of positivity, attracting wonderful experiences.
  27. I am confident that everything in my life is working out for the best.
  28. Abundance overflows in my life, beyond measure.
  29. I am so blessed.
  30. I give myself permission to shine.
  31. I treat myself with patience and understanding.
  32. I visualize my ideal life and watch it manifest.
  33. I cherish and acknowledge all the goodness in my life.
  34. I am a magnet for joy, success, and fulfillment.
  35. The company of remarkable individuals enriches my life.
  36. I am in perfect alignment with my desires and goals.
  37. I am a powerful manifester, and my dreams are becoming a reality.
  38. I am riding a wave of momentum.
  39. I actively seek joy in every moment.
  40. Each morning, I greet the day with enthusiasm and anticipation.
  41. I am so appreciative of all the good in my life.
  42. Positive energy is all around me.
  43. There’s so much abundance that I can’t even keep track of it all.
  44. I am open to the infinite possibilities that life offers.
  45. I look for reasons to feel good.
  46. I am constantly guided towards experiences that serve my growth.
  47. I welcome abundance into my life.
  48. I thrive in a universe abundant with opportunities.
  49. The universe is a canvas of immense possibilities.
  50. My desires are effortlessly flowing towards me.
  51. I am a complete and perfect being.
  52. Success in all its forms is welcome in my life.
  53. The universe always takes care of me.
  54. I am grateful for what I have and eager for more.
  55. I love to witness my magnificent journey unfold.
  56. I am in sync with the universe, and it guides me towards joy and abundance.
  57. I am a vessel for positivity, and it flows through me effortlessly.
  58. I am confident that my future is bright and prosperous.
  59. I radiate positive energy, and it returns to me multiplied.
  60. I am in perfect alignment with my highest potential.
  61. I am so blessed to be here right now.
  62. My positive mindset attracts favorable circumstances.
  63. I am an explorer of positive experiences.
  64. Every day holds the promise of wonder and delight.
  65. I embrace self-acceptance wholeheartedly.
  66. I am aligned with the energy of success and fulfillment.
  67. The universe is my steadfast supporter and provider.
  68. I am a vessel of blessings and gratitude.
  69. My life is a continuous stream of wonderful happenings.
  70. I am so blessed to be alive.
  71. My trust in the universe is unwavering.
  72. My life is filled with abundance in every area.
  73. I am surrounded by opportunities that lead to my well-being.
  74. I am my own pillar of strength and support.
  75. I am a powerful manifester, and my dreams are becoming reality.
  76. Joy is a constant companion in my life.
  77. I trust that the universe has my back in every situation.
  78. I am a creator of positive change and wonderful experiences.
  79. I am in a state of constant appreciation, and life rewards me.
  80. I am deserving of success.
  81. I cherish my presence in this moment, right here, right now.
  82. I am grateful for the abundance that flows into my life.
  83. Every day brings me closer to my dreams and desires.
  84. I am constantly evolving and attracting better experiences.
  85. I welcome success into my life.
  86. My life is a series of fortunate events and happy coincidences.
  87. I embrace myself and others with unconditional acceptance.
  88. Every day, I trust that everything is working out for my highest good.
  89. I am a conduit for cosmic wisdom and intelligence.
  90. I am always attracting experiences that enhance my well-being.
  91. I cherish and honor the presence of loved ones in my life.
  92. I am deserving of a life filled with happiness and success.
  93. I am in tune with the energy of prosperity and well-being.
  94. I am enveloped in an aura of positivity and well-being.
  95. I am patient with myself.
  96. There is so much good flowing into my life now.
  97. I wake up eager to face each new day.
  98. I approve of myself.
  99. I am constantly attracting opportunities that enrich my life.
  100. I offer myself forgiveness and understanding.
  101. Self-care is a priority in my life.
  102. I allow success in all areas of my life.
  103. I am accepting of myself and others.
  104. I am in harmony with the flow of life, and everything works out for me.
  105. I revel in the unfolding of my extraordinary journey.
  106. I am always in the right place at the right time.
  107. I am open to receiving all the blessings the universe has for me.
  108. Love flows into my life with ease.
  109. I am so grateful.
  110. I connect with the profound wisdom of the universe.
  111. Every challenge is a stepping stone to greater things.
  112. I trust the universe.
  113. Self-trust guides me in every decision.
  114. I am attuned to the goodness that surrounds me daily.
  115. The world around me is teeming with possibilities.
  116. I am confident that the universe is guiding me toward greatness.
  117. I am a feel-good detective.
  118. Everything is always working out for me.
  119. My surroundings are ripe with potential and promise.
  120. I am open to the endless opportunities that life presents.
  121. I am always moving in the direction of my dreams.
  122. I am in harmony with the flow of abundance and prosperity.
  123. I magnetize the right individuals into my life effortlessly.
  124. I envision my dreams coming to life and embrace their realization.
  125. I welcome prosperity into my life.
  126. I am in sync with the rhythm of success and abundance.
  127. I am at peace, knowing that everything is unfolding perfectly for me.
  128. I tap into universal wisdom.
  129. My life is a treasure trove of abundance in all aspects.
  130. I am a creator of joy, and my life reflects this.
  131. I am a powerful attractor of all things good and prosperous.
  132. I am a magnet for miracles and blessings.
  133. I am in a continuous state of growth and positive transformation.
  134. Every day, I notice and attract the right people into my life.
  135. I welcome joy into my life.
  136. I trust the process of life and embrace each moment with gratitude.
  137. I am surrounded by love, abundance, and happiness.
  138. I trust myself.
  139. I enjoy the company of the amazing people in my life.
  140. I am whole and complete.
  141. Prosperity finds its way to me naturally.
  142. I am grateful for the journey and trust where it leads me.
  143. I forgive myself.
  144. Gratitude is the foundation of my life.
  145. I shine brightly, embracing my true potential.
  146. Gratitude and anticipation fill my heart.
  147. I am fully present with the important people in my life.
  148. I take care of myself.
  149. I am in harmony with the universe, and it supports my every step.
  150. Success is a natural outcome of my actions.

From one friend to another

If you’re a fan of manifestation and affirmations, you’ll probably enjoy this post and the accompanying video. Now, if this kind of thing isn’t usually your cup of tea, these affirmations might just seem like nice words on a page.

I’m not the kind of person to tell others what to do, but as a friend who has your best interest at heart, I feel compelled to step into your space for a moment and encourage you to give affirmations a try. I’ve been practicing affirmations for many years, and the person I was 20 years ago is not the one reaching out to you now. I owe this transformation to affirmations. They’ve reshaped how I view my life and the world around me.

For those new to affirmations, it might feel a bit odd at first to read these words or say them to yourself. You’ll feel like you’re lying to yourself. But trust me, that awkwardness fades if you stick with it. It might take 2 months or even longer, but eventually, you reach a point where it doesn’t feel so strange anymore. Slowly, you begin to actually believe that, yes, you are indeed surrounded by love, abundance, and happiness, (#137). And yes, you truly are at peace, knowing everything is unfolding perfectly for you, (#127). That’s a wonderful state of being, and it’s something I deeply wish for you too, Queen. 

If reading these affirmations to yourself isn’t workable because you’ve got your hands full with kids, work, and life…, consider listening to the video in the background. I often do that myself when I don’t have the time to sit down and read or journal.




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