Forget Willpower! How to Harness Your Environment to Create the Life You Love

create the life you want

Ah, willpower—that elusive superhero we call upon to resist that extra slice of cake or to hit the gym after a long day of work. But what if you could finally forget the exhausting battle of willpower? What if there’s a sidekick waiting in the wings, ready and willing to help you create the life you want? Buckle up, because we’re diving into a world where your surroundings play a pivotal role in creating a life you love.

The Fallacy of Pure Willpower

The Battle of Career Goals

Imagine aspiring to be a prolific writer, yearning to pen down your thoughts and craft literary marvels. Your goal is set, but your environment is conspiring against you. Ping! An email demands your attention. Ding! A social media update beckons. Beep! A notification parade like no other, snatching your focus and diverting it into the abyss of the digital realm. It’s as if your laptop has transformed into a party host, and you’re the reluctant guest obliged to attend every soiree. But wait, there’s more! In the corner of your creative sanctuary, your TV hums a seductive serenade. The latest episode of that addictive drama whispers promises of entertainment, while reality shows dangle the carrot of mindless amusement. And then, your desk! It’s a confetti-covered carnival. Papers, cups, and clutter reign supreme. 

But fear not—you can create the life you love because you have the power to rewrite the narrative and transform your surroundings into the ultimate wingman. Tune out those pesky notifications, call for a timeout on TV temptation, and charge into battle armed with a desk decluttering mission. Imagine a fusion of Marie Kondo’s magic and the keen instincts of Sherlock Holmes, as you sweep away the unnecessary and uncover the trail leading to your creative nirvana.

The Battle of Fitness Goals

Let’s say you’re committed to exercising regularly. Your determination to stay fit is unwavering, but your dream gym (the one where everyone looks like a Greek god) is tucked away in the farthest reaches of the city. But instead of trekking to the overpriced gym with the equipment you don’t know how to use and you’re too embarrassed to ask, go rather to the gym en route to work or home. Maybe this gym is not so fancy, but it’s easy to get to, they have convenient hours, and just by going regularly, you are getting closer to your goals. No more gym guilt—just an environment that supports your fitness goals.

The Battle of Sugary Treats

You’re standing face-to-face with a gooey chocolate cake, your willpower armor gleaming in the face of temptation. You’re convinced that this time, you’ll win the battle. But wait, what’s that? Your husband waltzes by with a plate full of delectable treats, and suddenly, your willpower is a mere paper shield against the tidal wave of sugar cravings. The diet starts Monday!

We’ve all been there! Willpower, while commendable, can be about as stable as a sandcastle in a storm.

Instead of living in an environment where your willpower is constantly fighting sugary battles, imagine creating a fortress around your willpower, fortifying it against those cravings. Imagine opening your fridge, and instead of a sugary wonderland, you’re greeted with crisp veggies and mouthwatering fruits. Your kitchen is transformed into a culinary haven that whispers, “Healthy choices are the cool kids here.” Suddenly, the cake and the sugary treats don’t stand a chance because they’re not allowed in the house, (except maybe for birthdays and celebrations). No need for willpower here because you have an environment that supports your goals!

Navigating Intentions

The environment will always beat intention over time.

Your intentions may be rock-solid, but your environment packs a punch that wears down your resolve over time. While you might have strong and determined intentions to achieve your goals, the surroundings and situations you’re in have a significant impact on your ability to stay committed. Over time, the influence of your environment can gradually weaken your determination and make it challenging to stick to your initial intentions. In other words, the environment has a way of gradually eroding your willpower and making it harder to stay on track with your goals. So change your environment to support your goals and dreams!

Crafting Your Environment as your Superweapon

Say goodbye to the futile battles of willpower and embrace the art of environment engineering. Here’s a playbook of tactics to transform your setting into a success ally:

1. The Makeover Magic:

Imagine your environment as a canvas, awaiting the brushstrokes of change. Begin with a ruthless assessment of your surroundings. What elements clash with your aspirations? Identify them and give them the boot. Bid farewell to the junk food that whispers temptations, and usher in a parade of nourishing options. Your kitchen isn’t a battleground; it’s your willpower’s backup dancer, swaying to the tune of your success.

2. The Reinvention Zone:

Designate spaces that resonate with your dreams. Whether it’s a cozy creativity corner or a productivity paradise, let your environment be a beacon guiding you toward your goals. A clutter-free workspace, adorned with motivational cues, can spark your inspiration like a match in a dark room. Your environment should be your accomplice, not a conspirator in the grand scheme of your aspirations.

3. The Power of Routine:

Create the life you love with routines! Routine is the unsung hero of transformation. It has the power to catapult your intentions into action. If your aim is a healthier lifestyle, plan your meals and snacks in advance. When your daily routine echoes your ambitions, willpower transforms from a flickering flame into a steady blaze. Visualize your goals woven into the fabric of your everyday routine, and watch as they become second nature.

4. The Fellowship of the Environment:

Surround yourself with a tribe of kindred spirits who share your aspirations. Your environment isn’t just physical space; it’s the network of people that influence your journey. Cultivate connections with those who uplift, motivate, and empower you. When your surroundings are populated by fellow goal-chasers, you’re in for an empowerment extravaganza. Remember, a supportive tribe can turn an ordinary environment into a playground of possibilities.

From one friend to another

Queen, I encourage you to let your environment be the backdrop to your victory march. Create the life you love by waving goodbye to the exhausting tango with willpower. Instead, invite success to waltz onto the dance floor of your life, choreographed by your environment. Because, let’s face it, who needs willpower when you’ve got your environment cheering you on at every step?




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