A rich man and his son – A parable about true wealth and happiness

a rich man and his son

A rich man and his son – this is an old but thought provoking parable about what true wealth and happiness means.

One day, a rich Dad took his son on a trip to show him how poor people live.

They spent time on the farm of a poor family.

On the way to home, the dad asked to his son, “what did you learn from this trip?

His son said…

“We have one dog, they have 4 of them.

We have a pool, they have a river.

We have tube-lights at night, they have stars.

We buy food, they grow their own food.

We have walls to protect us, they have friends.

We have television, they spend time with family and relatives.”

The son added:

“Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are!”

This story offers a thought-provoking perspective on wealth and happiness. 

The son’s observations shed light on what true wealth can mean. He realizes that having more dogs, a pool, tube lights, and buying food doesn’t necessarily equate to a richer or happier life. Instead, he recognizes that the poor family finds joy in their connections and experiences with nature, their ability to grow their own food, and the love they share with their friends and relatives.

This story reminds us that wealth isn’t solely measured by the possessions we accumulate. It teaches us that true richness lies in the quality of our relationships, the appreciation for nature’s wonders, and the simplicity of enjoying time spent with loved ones.

It encourages us to reflect on our own lives and priorities. Are we overly focused on material possessions and external markers of success, or do we value the intangible aspects of life that truly bring joy and fulfillment?

Queen, let this story serve as a reminder to appreciate and find contentment in the often-overlooked aspects of life. Cherish your relationships, find joy in nature’s beauty, and prioritize spending meaningful time with those you care about. True wealth lies not in material possessions, but in the richness of our experiences, connections, and the love we share with others.

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