The best manifestation tips to help make your dreams a reality

manifestation tips

Bringing your desires to life is the art of manifestation. But how do you actually manifest anything? Here are several helpful manifestation tips from gurus such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and more.

But before you start, it is important to understand and believe that manifestation is completely within your power. If you don’t believe this can work for you, it will not. However, if you are open to believing, give it a shot. Implement these manifestation tips for 30 days, and see what happens. Your dreams may become a reality!

Begin with a small goal to manifest and apply the following manifestation tips daily.

Manifestation tips - according to the gurus

  1. Practice gratitude, daily. Make a list of everything for which you are grateful. There are several ways to practice gratitude, like maintaining a gratitude journal, practicing mindfulness, etc. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to really feel the gratitude in your core.

  2. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. When you notice a negative thought entering your mind, immediately replace it with a positive thought.

  3. Accept responsibility for what happens in your life. It’s easy to point the finger at others, but this attitude does not serve you because you’re giving your power away to someone or something else. Once you take responsibility for where you are, you have to power to move forward from where you are, to where you want to be.

  4. Always believe that good things are on their way. You invite abundance into your life when you are open to new possibilities.

  5. Always keep in mind that like attracts like—what you put out into the world will come back to you, whether it is good or bad. Knowing this, put out good thoughts, intentions, actions, and attract good.

  6. Spend five minutes a day meditating. As you are meditation, focus and concentrate on how you want your life to be. Neville Goddard says it’s like playing a movie in your head—a movie about what you want your life to be like. As you are playing your movie, be sure to feel the same emotions you’d feel if what you are trying to manifest was true already.

  7. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. A comfort zone is not a safe place for goals and dreams.  Stop playing it safe and make the decision to pursue your goals.

  1. Do activities that make you truly happy. When you are truly happy, your vibrational frequency is optimal for manifesting your desires.
  2. Release your imagination from the shackles of limiting circumstances. Don’t let your imagination be limited to your current circumstances.
  3. Align yourself with the feelings of the goal achieved. When you put your doubts aside, you can begin to imagine in your mind and body what it will be like to have your goals achieved. Consider what you want to manifest, and then use your imagination to feel how it feels in your body.
  4. Declare your intentions in the form of given statements. When imagining an intention, do not include a question mark at the end of your statement—“I drive a new Jeep?” Instead, your statement should be punctuated with a grammatical exclamation point—”I drive a new Jeep!”
  5. Believe that your goal is already accomplished. Feel what that’s like, savoring the sensation in your body. Remain in a profound state of gratitude for your wish having already been realized — as if it had already come to pass, and it is already an accomplished fact.
  6. Choose your new reality with love. According to Wayne Dyer, you invoke the ego when you try to manifest from a place of selfishness or potential harm to others. The ego is always concerned with winning, dominating, being better than others, accumulating for the sake of feeling superior, achieving adulation or recognition, improving your status, and so on. So the secret is to imagine yourself already being and having what you want, and to keep the whole thing wrapped up in a spirit of love. Always base your decisions on the scales of love.
  7. Surround yourself with people who will support your growth. Avoid the downers—don’t let them drag you down with them.
  8. Ignore the opinions of others. Instead, focus on your ability to manifest your desires. When you trust yourself to decide your fate, you don’t let outside forces discourage or influence you.
  9. Be patient and banish doubts. If it feels difficult to exercise your imagination, understand that this is probably happening because your imagination is playing servant to logic. However, be infinitely patient with yourself and your attempts at imagining your goals attained. Never be dissatisfied with the rate or manner in which your intentions manifest. Don’t be afraid to dream. Remember that the universe is always there to support you.
  10. Have faith in your own divine power. All of the great spiritual teachers’ words encourage us to see ourselves as limitless and to recognize that even the least of us has God’s divine power available to us at all times.
If you use these tips daily, you are likely to manifest your dreams and goals, but also—you will feel energized, happier, and more open to the incredible abundance that is available to you.