Embracing Perspectives: The Tale About The Blind Men and the Elephant

blind men and the elephant

The blind men and the Elephant parable is about six wise blind men who had heard fascinating tales of an extraordinary creature called an elephant. Eager to experience this majestic being for themselves, they embarked on a journey to meet the elephant. As they explored the creature with their hands, each blind man formed a […]

The Battle Within: Embracing the Tale of Two Wolves

the tale of two wolves

The Tale of Two Wolves is an insightful parable that invites you to explore the inner battle that rages within every person, where two wolves, representing different emotions and traits, vie for dominance. By understanding this profound tale, you’ll gain insights into how your choices and actions shape your life.  The Tale of Two Wolves […]

Embrace Your Cracks: The Beautiful Journey of the Cracked Pot

the cracked pot

“The Cracked Pot” is an enchanting fable that reminds us that our perceived imperfections hold remarkable potential to bring joy, beauty, and unexpected blessings to our lives and the world around us.   The Cracked Pot Once upon a time, there was a water bearer who carried water from a nearby stream to his master’s house […]