Gratitude journal examples to inspire you

gratitude journal examples

Being mindful of the good things in our lives can noticeably improve our overall well-being. However, if you have never had a gratitude journal before, you may be unsure of how to get going. Here you will find several gratitude journal examples to get you going.  But why keep a gratitude journal? Because the chemicals […]

Gratitude journal prompts for effective journaling

gratitude journal prompts

Being mindful of the good things in life can significantly improve your overall well-being. This is why gratitude journaling is so popular—a gratitude journal is a place where you can write down all the things you’re thankful for in your life. But sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what to write about. Here, you’ll find […]

Gratitude Journaling – How to journal daily

how to journal daily

Everyone knows how beneficial gratitude journaling is, but knowing that something is good for you, and actually doing it, is a different story. We get busy and we forget to do the things that we know will benefit us. So how do you develop the habit? How to journal daily? How to develop the journaling […]

Gratitude Journaling – How to journal effectively

how to journal effectively

We all know how beneficial gratitude journaling is, but how to journal effectively is a different story. Here are a few tried-and-true gratitude journaling practices to help you journal effectively. How to make gratitude journaling work for you? Get a gratitude journal that gives you enough space. Keep a gratitude journal where you can record […]