Defining the Lines: Real-Life Examples of Relationship Boundaries

examples of boundaries in a relationship

When my daughter is old enough to start dating, I plan to sit her down for a thoughtful and extended conversation about establishing boundaries in relationships. Blurred boundaries can lead us to tolerate anything in the pursuit of love, attention, and validation. I want her to understand the idea that even when there is profound […]

Things You Can Start Doing Today That Will Make You Proud Of Yourself In A Year

how to be proud of yourself

The journey towards self-improvement, personal growth, and becoming the best version of yourself is like a thread that weaves its way through your everyday life, shaping who you ultimately become. In simpler terms, it’s the things you do regularly that mold your character. It may sound obvious, but we often don’t think this way. We […]

Unexpected Benefits of Exercise That You Probably Don’t Know About

exercise facts

I stumbled upon a video about ADHD this week. You’re probably wondering what a video about ADHD has to do with exercise, but while the video focuses on ADHD, it unexpectedly shines a very bright light on the incredible perks of getting (and staying) active. In fact, it lays down some exercise facts that impressed […]