14 Easy Neville Goddard techniques for manifesting anything

Neville Goddard Techniques

Decades after his death, Neville Goddard’s books are widely read, and his lectures have broad appeal on platforms like Youtube. That’s because many consider Neville Goddard techniques (for manifesting) as effective. Below are 14 of Neville Goddard’s most popular manifestation techniques, as well as his philosophy on how to manifest anything you want in life.  […]

Self love and weight loss – how to love your body while losing weight

self love and weight loss how to love yourself while losing weight

Self love can be challenging if you hate the body you are in, but self love and weight loss are possible! It’s starts with changing your mindset. Below are 22 invaluable tips to help you learn to love yourself while you are losing weight. How to love yourself when you’re fat 1. Love yourself for […]