Powerful money affirmations for wealth and prosperity

money affirmations

Money affirmations, (or any affirmations), when used regularly, have the potential to change your life positively. Their purpose is to help you change your belief system and your behavior towards a more prosperous life. In short—if you think differently about money, you will behave differently and your financial situation will change in a positive way. […]

Catherine Ponder quotes about life and prosperity

Catherine Ponder quotes

Catherine Ponder (born February 14, 1927) is the founder of the Unity Church Worldwide in the United States. She has lectured widely and written 17 books on the universal principles of prosperity. These have delivered a wealth of loved and appreciated Catherine Ponder quotes and affirmations. (Many of Catherine Ponder’s lectures are freely available on […]

Catherine Ponder affirmation for wealth and prosperity

Catherine Ponder affirmations

Catherine Ponder’s name has long been associated with studying the laws of wealth and prosperity. She has written 17 books, (including several bestsellers) and lectured for many years—all of which have delivered a wealth of Catherine Ponder affirmations and quotes. Catherine Ponder began reading about prosperity when she was a young widow and single mother. […]